Bring Your Guests Together.

Guestboard is a free, customizable group planning and communication tool – designed with guests in mind.

Guestboard dashboard

For Groups of 10-1000+

Easy-to-use message board

Stop tending to your guests' individual needs and allow them to connect and plan collaboratively.

Transparent Guest List

No one likes whispering and wondering who else is invited. A simple list brings your friends and family closer together before they hit the dance floor.

Conquer Wedding Season

How many weddings are you attending this year? Four? Five? As a guest, here's what else you can expect:

Multi-Wedding Management

Popular, are we? Easily switch between every wedding you're attending. No private passcodes, no custom URLs.

Clear timelines

Whether you're a member of the wedding party or just a guest ready to party, stay informed with a clear schedule timeline.


Let Your Guests Save

Weddings are expensive, and not just for the engaged couple and their families. With Guestboard, everyone saves time and money.

One-click Deals

Discover new services and discounts on everything from hotel bookings to local restaurants with our preferred partners.

Private Group Channels

Put an end to out-of-control text chains and email threads. Our private message channels for bridesmaids and groomsmen make planning things like bachelor parties easier on everyone involved– keep important planning info in its own thread and the shenanigans in another!

Please Everyone (that's right)

The quickest way to a happy guest is to make them feel included. Guestboard takes the pressure off of the big day by including them far in advance, allowing them to feel like part of the family and share their excitement!

Complimentary (in more ways than one)

It's hard to include all the minor details on a trendy wedding website. So if you already have one, consider us a welcome addition. Not only do we link out to your existing wedding website, but guests no longer need to check their invitation on the fridge to find the URL. And did we mention that it's free?

No Guest Left Behind

Not everyone is tech-savvy. With Guestboard's simple email notifications, your guest list can stay up to date on important items like schedule changes– whether they're active in the app or not.


We're still perfecting our product, but here's what some of our early users are saying:

"Honestly, just being able to see who else is going is huge, so I know who I can talk to. Everything else is just a bonus."

James N.

“Really excited to use this for our out-of-town guests. Many are flying in at the same time, and now they can coordinate rides together.”

Sarah D.

“The private channels have been a lifesaver for planning our Nashville bachelorette party! We avoided another crazy email chain.”

Annabelle O.
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