Bring your guests together.

Guestboard is a free, customizable group planning and communication tool – designed with guests in mind.

CoaCHILLER Crew! TRAVELCON ‘19 Jenna & Alex’s Wedding

For Groups of 10-1000+

A transparent guest list and organized message board means everyone stays up-to-date. Create new threads for planning carpools, splitting costs, and building excitement.

Custom Splash Pages

Create a new event in a snap by choosing or uploading your own image. Sync your contacts (or share your private event link), and you're ready to go!

Customize Your Heart Out

Your Guestboard is your own - activate (or hide) any number of available features.



"Honestly, just being able to see who else is going is huge, so I know who I can talk to. Everything else is just a bonus."


“Really excited to use this for our out-of-town guests. Many are flying in at the same time, and now they can coordinate rides together.”


“The private channels have been a lifesaver for planning our Nashville bachelorette party! We avoided another crazy email chain.”


Weddings are expensive, and not just for the family of the bride/groom. With Guestboard, your guests can see who else is attending, coordinate carpools, share flight deals, and more.

Use the Wedding deals widget to reveal discounts on hotels, transportation, and more.

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Group Trips

Bachelor parties, music festivals, spring break trips, etc. – if your event has lots of moving parts, you know that a group text or email chain is.. overwhelming.

Keep everyone involved and organized with a central message board, create group polls, post important resources, and more.

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A custom mobile app isn't always the best solution for corporate events. Cost aside, they can take months to develop and difficult to manage.

Guestboard offers a low-cost, intuitive, and highly-customizeable solution that promotes engagement between attendees and vendors alike.

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