Guestboard is a free, customizable event platform and communication tool – designed with groups in mind.

BONNAROO Crew ’19! Telluride Ski Trip Jenna & Alex’s Wedding * Bus to reception - meet at hotel at 6:15 Created 31 minutes ago by Daniel H. (Groom 😎 ) Who wants to split a rental car from Oakland? Created 4 days ago by Sarah V. (Jenna’s BFF since ’05!) 5 Attending SCHEDULE GUEST LIST ACCOMMODATIONS BOARD

Make Your Board Your Own

Guestboard is a flexible, modular platform – pick and choose the exact tools your group needs:

Message Board

A central forum – perfect for larger groups or fan bases.

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A standard, linear chat (like Slack, or Messenger). Ideal for smaller groups.

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Shared Resources

Post important links and files that everyone can access quickly.

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Guest List

Manage your invitations and assign administrator roles.

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Keep your group organized and on time.

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An interactive map of all available hotels and Airbnb's near your event.

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Deals New!

Discover great discounts on products and services related to your specific event type.

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Group Checklist New!

Build separate lists that everyone can add to. Perfect for packing lists!

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Wrangle 10 people.. or 1000

Sending essay-long planning emails?
Constantly answering repeat questions?

With an organized and private event board, your group can stay informed and up-to-date. Share resources, build your schedule, and send announcements & reminders.

Simple & Stylish Invitations

Create your invite in a flash by choosing a photo or uploading your own.

Start collecting RSVPs immediately after syncing your Gmail contacts, uploading a CSV, or sharing a direct event invitation link.

Central, Shared Resources

Give everyone easy access to important files, Google docs, and other relevant links they may need for everything to run smoothly.


With a flexible tool comes flexible pricing.

FREE up to 30 guests 🎉
  • Guest List w/ Unlimited Invites
  • Message Board & Chat
  • Schedule Tool
  • Shared Resources
  • Accommodations Map
  • Reminders & Announcements
  • Group Checklist
  • Guestboard Deals

Hosting a lot more people? Lucky you, that's ALSO free (for now!)

We're not your mother's evite.

Wondering if Guestboard is a good fit for YOUR event?  Let's find out together. 🙂