Easy bachelorette party planning.

No one likes a massive email chain or 12-person group text. πŸ™… Instead, enjoy our customizable event platform– designed to keep all your group events organized, collaborative, and affordable.

Here's how it works

3 easy steps to a more organized and memorable bachelorette party:

1. Set Up Your Board

Choose from our photo library to set a splash invitation image (or upload your own!), and enter your event details.

Then, choose which free tools you'd like to use for your bachelorette party!

2. Send Invites

Copy and share your invitation link on social media, or sync your contacts to send beautiful invitations via email.

Invitees will be able to RSVP and join your event instantly with just their email address – no password or formal account required.

3. Track RSVPs and Start the Fun!

Keep tabs on who's planning to attend, and enjoy a central place to post photos, send announcements, share an itinerary, and more!

Your guests can easily access the event on the web, iOS, or Android – meaning they'll never miss out on an important update.

Most Popular Widgets for Bachelorette Parties:

You control what's on your event page. But here's what most bachelorette's choose...

Message Board

Keep different conversations in neatly-organized threads. Need to exclude the bride-to-be? Create a private thread!

Photo Wall

A central gallery for everyone to privately share their best photos of the weekend.

Group Checklist

Create a communal packing list, or divvy up responsibilities. Who's in charge of decorations?


An interactive map of hotels and Airbnbs near your destination.

FREE up to 30 guests πŸŽ‰
  • Guest List w/ Unlimited Invites
  • Message Board
  • Chat
  • Schedule Builder
  • Photo Wall
  • Video Chat
  • Accommodations Map
  • Group Checklist
  • Shared Resources
  • Guestboard Deals


  • Will my invitees need to create an account?

    Guests only need to RSVP with their email, and they'll be able to fully engage with the board, recieve email updates, and more. No password needed.

  • Can I upload my own invitation photo/design?

    Yes! You can choose from our library of bachelorette-themed photos, or upload your own.

  • Can I send invitations via text?

    Yep! You can share your event's invitation link via text. It's even easier with the Guestboard iOS and Android app.

  • Can I see an example bachelorette party?

    You sure can. Schedule a short demo and we'll show you a demo bachelorette event. We can even help set up your event right then and there.

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"The fact that we could create private threads without the bride in it is what made this better than a massive group text. Used the resources tab to upload our flight schedules and share photos. Good stuff!"