More Organized, Memorable Tour Groups

Stop spending hours creating welcome packets, building itinieraries, and answering repeat emails. Get everyone on the same page with an intuitive group tour page.

Here's how it works

3 easy steps to a more organized and unforgettable tour:

1. Set Up Your Board

Choose from our photo library to set a splash invitation image (or upload your own), and enter your event details.

Then, choose which free tools you'd like to use for your upcoming tour!

2. Invite The Group

Share your invitation link, or upload a contact list to send beautiful invitations via email.

Your group will be able to join your board instantly with just their email address โ€“ no password or formal account required.

3. Welcome Your Group and Build Excitement!

Enjoy a central place to make announcements, post photos, share a detailed itinerary, and more!

Groups can easily access the event on the web, iOS, or Android โ€“ meaning they'll never miss out on an important update.

Most Popular Widgets for Tour Groups:

You control what's on your event page. But here's what most tour organizers choose...


Import a CSV of your tour itinerary or create them manually. Embed maps of the location of each item.

Photo Wall

A central gallery for guests to share their favorite event photos

Group Checklist

Create a communal packing lists to remind everyone what to bring, and what to leave at home.


Ditch the massive emails and use a central, powerful chat to keep everyone on the same page prior to the trip.

FREE up to 30 guests ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Guest List w/ Unlimited Invites
  • Message Board
  • Chat
  • Schedule Builder
  • Photo Wall
  • Video Chat
  • Accommodations Map
  • Group Checklist
  • Shared Resources
  • Guestboard Deals

Guiding a bigger group?  Our pricing is flexible and affordable.


  • Will my invitees need to create an account?

    Guests only need to RSVP with their email, and they'll be able to fully engage with the board, recieve email updates, and more. No password needed.

  • What if I'm not sure about my guest count?

    Any time your event is running low on credits, we'll let you know. So you can start with a small amount (after the initial 30 free credits) and add as needed along the way.

  • How do I purchase credits?

    You may purchase credits within the platform at any time. On a web browser you have the option of buying credits in ANY amount, offering the most flexibility. On the iOS app, you may purchase pre-selected blocks of credits as an in-app purchase.

  • How and when are credits deducted?

    Your Guestboard credits are only deducted when a guest responds to your invitation with "Attending" or "Maybe / Not Sure Yet". Why pay for people who aren't going to show?

  • What if I have unused credits after the event?

    Guestboard credits stay with your account and never expire. Unused credits can be used for any future events over 30 people!

  • Can I see an example tour group event?

    You sure can. Schedule a short demo and we'll show you what your tour group event might look like. We can even help set up your event right then and there.

Trusted by organizers, loved by guests.

Creating an event is easy, and takes just 30 seconds.


"We liked that the app was accessible (for general reference) without needing cell service. Also allowed our clients to connect with us, the two trip leaders, AND the other travelers, before and after the trip. Great trial run, and we'll likely be cutting back our clunky email itineraries in favor of Guestboard."