Streamlined Messaging for Smaller Groups

Don't need the forum format of the message board? No problem. The Chat widget is a familiar alternativeโ€“ perfect for smaller groups to quickly communicate back and forth leading up to an event.

Live Messaging

Just like any of your favorite messenger apps, responses load in live time for fast planning and quick answers.

Mention Others

"@" any other person to send them a notification and bring something to their attention.

Attachment Support

You're getting the picture, right? Chat supports image uploads, links, emojis and more.

Need to do more than just chat?

Guestboard is a modular event platform, meaning you can activate a growing number of free widgets:

Message Board

Give your group a place to interact, ask questions, and build excitement. It's a central forum for your event, and splits conversations into easy-to-find threads (rather than a massive email thread or group text).

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Guest List

Send invites, assign admin roles, and keep tabs on RSVP statuses. You can manually assign others as "Attending", or resend invites to those who haven't responded yet.

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Give your guests a clear view of the event itinerary, whether it's a jam-packed bachelorette bash, or a multi-day conference.

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Video Chat

Host a virtual planning meeting, speaker series, or video conference. Schedule multiple meetings, and send invites to your guest list to promote attendance!

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Photo Wall

Allow your guests to share their best photos with the group in a central gallery.

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Interactive Checklist

A collaborative tool allowing you to build a checklist together and "claim" items. Perfect for packing lists, group travel, and keeping tabs of what you still need.

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Destination wedding? Traveling as a big group? Give everyone an accessible place to search for available hotels and AirBnB's on the given date/location.

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Make things easier on both you AND your guests with exclusive Guestboard discounts on a variety of products and services like group transporation, party supplies, and more.

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30-Second Setup โฑ

Ready to build your event board? Create a new event in a snap!