Easy to Use, Hard to Beat.

With Guestboard, a single organizer can quickly create an attendee experience that rivals big-budget event software. Pick your tools, send invites (or share a link), and enjoy the fastest way to manage a group of people.

Get everyone on the same page

By inviting your guests to join your board ahead of time, your event stays top-of-mind for everyone involved.

Organizers choose Guestboard because they can make announcements easily, create a professional experience in minutes, and quickly update on the go.

Attendees love Guestboard because they can start engaging immediately, and everything they need to know is in one, central place.

Guestboard is Fast

Choose your event image, add your details, and you're ready to invite others or share your link. No development time, no deadline stress.

Guestboard is Flexible

Our growing suite of event widgets (combined with our flexible pricing model) means you can use the same platform for your 10-person planning retreat as your big annual festival.

Guestboard is Reliable

We use secure, passwordless authentication โ€“ meaning your guests only need an email address to join your board.

We also send notifications via email for the most important updates, so you can be sure everyone is up to speed.

Who uses Guestboard?


Neena planned a 50-person hybrid retreat, and was able to keep track of who was coming and share travel/arrival information early. Anyone who couldn't be there in person had easy access to her Zoom links under the Video Chat tab.


Dennis wanted a fast & easy way to communicate with the attendees of his annual auto convention. He used the Message Board to post important updates, and created a Schedule for everyone to reference on the day of the event.


Annabelle was having a destination wedding, and wanted to make sure her guests were all in the loop. She was able to make announcements to specific sets of people using Groups Tags, and collect everyone's best snapshots on the Photo Wall!

How We Stack Up

Before finding Guestboard, organizers often consider some of the following tools:

Styled Invites Modular Event Tools Native & Web Group Communication Small & Large Events Price
โœ” โœ” โœ” โœ” โœ” $0.50/guest, w/ 30 FREE guests
โœ” โœ” $99/mo, includes 100 tickets
โœ” โœ” Free* / $6.67 per user
โœ” โœ” $20 for 150 invites
โœ” โœ” โœ” $4,000-6,000 for a custom app

Bring Your Group Together

Ready to get everyone on the same page, AND provide a better attendee experience? Creating an event takes just 30 seconds.


"Guestboard enabled our leadership team to better communicate important convention information to our attendees in real time, while ALSO enabling them to communicate amongst themselves to enhance their individual experience. It was critical to the success of our ZCON 2020 event."